I'm Nara, a full-stack web developer at NPR in Washington, DC. I'm not currently looking for new professional opportunities, but I'm always open to connecting with fellow developers and designers; my résumé is here.

The work being showcased here doesn't include any professional projects but consists solely of work from my graduate studies at the Interactive Telecommunications Program and my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design. My concentration was in game design, narrative, and online communities, but I also pursued interests in technology for social activism, children's education, data visualization, and the future of film & video. My aim is to help usher in a future where the powerful benefits of gaming help children with learning and literacy, adults are never too old to learn and play games, social media and online communities forge a stronger connection between the first world and the third world, and stories are experienced from multiple perspectives to encourage a greater development of empathy in teens and young adults.